Posted by: Mayu | September 29, 2008

Did you know… (part 22: acorn festival)

… that it’s almost acorn festival in October and it’s the best time to prepare it now?

The second week of October is acorn festival (so therefore I think it’s from October 6th until 12th), where acorns are spread over the town under normal trees (no fruit trees and no cedars). Cornimer – actually it’s Tortimer who dressed himself like an acorn xD – stands outside the townhall to collect all your acorns to give you nice special mushroom items, which you can only get at this time and which can’t be ordered at Nook 😀

There are different kind of acorns:

Rotten Acorns, Small Acorns, Acorns, Round Acorns and Large Acorns

For the mushroom furniture set you need to collect in total:

Item Picture Acorns
(in total)
Mushroom Stool
Mushroom End Table

Mushroom Lamp

Mushroom Chair

Mushroom Dresser

Mushroom Closet

Mushroom Stand

Mushroom Table

Mushroom Television

Mushroom Bed

Forest Wall

Forest Floor


Be aware that you DON’T give ROTTEN ACORNS to Cornimer!
Otherwise your rotten acorns will be deducted from your total and then you might not have enough acorns to collect all mushroom items…

Some hints to have enough acorns in your town:

1. Plant enough normal trees (at least around 15~20), because every day you can collect around 30~40 “good” acorns (it differs from day to day). I think you don’t even have to plant saplings from Nook, just bury 100bells with your golden shovel – as this amount is too less to let a money tree grow, it will be just a “normal” tree. I did it this year, so I can’t guarantee that it will work. But I’m quite sure about it 😉

2. Not under every “normal” trees you can find acorns.

3. The acorns always lie left, right and in front of a tree. If there are designs or flowers around the tree, there won’t be an acorn on this place. That was the reason why I couldn’t collect enough acorns last year. Look at my mistakes:

My path was in the way – one acorn lost

Here even two were lost – and the only acorn was a rotten one 👿

This is a good place for acorns:

All three had enough place to be there ^^

4. Sell all your rotten acorns before you give the rest to Cornimer – it’s really annoying when you give him one accidently.

5. Once you have all mushroom items – collect the rest of acorns for your friends who haven’t got that much, so he/she can bring your acorns to his Cornimer 😉

6. Speak to Cornimer and you get a fortune telling on the rare Tortimer paper:

Last but no least: Cornimer! That’s what he looks like^^:

Any questions left? Don’t hesitate to ask here 😉



  1. I didn’t know that he was Tortimer. Thanks!

  2. Are you sure its him, why would he want acorns anyway, does he eat them? LOL!!! And I thought he/acorn was a diferent person…thanks for those interesting facts, oh and 1 more thing usualy my acorns bounce over the flowers and designs when i shake them off the tree’s, hmm…strange…:S

    • wellllll I have no proof that it’s Tortimer, but have you looked in the townhall? There he isn’t anymore when Cornimer is standing outside, and his appearance, his speech, looks very like Tortimer lol.

      • good point. Cornimer and Tortimer are almost the same name with the letters “mer” after Corni and after Torti. so Cornimer is tortimer . (what a confusion) lol

        • but on that day if you look in the town hall and talk to pelly you will see that tortimer is out of his chair and on the first day you get animal crossing hes says on every event i will be standing outside this town hall…

          • and something tells me says he has the same cane and i think (idk) gives out the same kinda cards w/ a tortimer print

      • and he has a shell pattern like tortimer’s shell!:D

        • Yes! 😀 So we can say we proved that Cornimer is Tortimer? lol

          • And he has the same catchphrase

  3. you win 😛

  4. if u plant acorns does it make a acorn tree

    • No, it won’t make an acorn tree, I’m afraid. That would be cool though lol.

  5. I know how u can find out see if hes in the town hall next autum hm they should have congcers to sorry I can not spell

    • I actually looked at it in the last acorn festival and Tortimer’s seat was empty! 😉

  6. why do you have to brig him all the acorns in just 6 days.I meanhe doesn’t put even 100 out in 10 days so how are we going to do it in 6.

    I’m also an acww fan.Please add me to your friend list and play with sometime here are my details:

    Friend code:3953-5351-2692

    And if you want to know why my town is called Wallace,it because thats my dog’s name.

    Please contact

    • Huh? You only collected 100 acorns during that time? 😮
      Poor you, you should have planted more normal trees I think, with this amount it’s really impossible to collect all mushroom furniture.

      And thanks for giving me your FC, are you a kid or an adult? Then please add Miki (international kids) or Yuki(international adults) into your roster 😉

  7. it is tortimer you look in the back of the post office when you talk to pelly and he’s not there

    • Exactly that’s my opinion, too Anonymous ^^

  8. are you sure there is an regular acorn? i changed the date and i picked up all acorns none of them regular acorns

    • oh right, it’s only called ‘acorn’, it can be misunderstood you’re right.
      Thanks for telling me, I’ll change that ^^

  9. What happens if you have a regular tree that are one space from another regular tree? Would I lose an acorn? 😦

    • Yes I think you would lose an acorn, but… as not every normal tree will have acorns around the trunk (only a limited amount of normal trees will have acorns) I don’t that you’ll loose a lot of acorns during the week because of that 😉

  10. Does your acorn count start again after each time you get some furniture?

    So you collect 5, and ‘Spend’ it on a peice of furniture, or are they rewards for collection acorns?

    • umm no the number of acorns will remain on 5, so you have to collect 230 in total, all in all, to have all furnitures 😉

  11. I have a question about the positioning of the oak trees, and it’s probably quite confusing >_<
    But let's say IF trees near each other DID bear acorns, do you know if it would be okay if I planted them according to this map?

    Or must all 8 spaces around any tree be free to get 3 acorns?

    PS Sorry about the CAPS; it's because I can't use italics ^^;
    And just tell me if you don't know, because it's a pretty specific question 😛

    • Oh that would be ok I think because acorns only fell left, right and in front of the trees, never diagonally ^^
      So you only need 3 free spaces around your tree the other spots can be covered by patterns or something else, it doesn’t matter.
      X X X
      A T A
      X A X

      The pic above shows the exact places where you can find acorns 😉 (A for acorn, T for tree, X can be anything)

      • Ah ok, thanks! I’ve seen on some sites “all spaces must be free”, so I was confused 😛 Thanks for explaining.

    • yes it possible look at your map closely it will work eight is not needed three acorns per tree right well three spaces

  12. thats gottta be tortimer, the only difference is the head

  13. Waah, I passed out the mushroom lamp 😦 I wanted complete set 😦

    • You passed it out? Why that? Normally Cornimer will give all the items, even if you gave more than it needed ???

      • No, by accident i gave from 10 and gave 40 then. So i passed out the 25 😦

  14. Yay, acorn time! ^__^
    Thanks for your reply before; I found out this week I have nothing to worry about because I am getting a good number of acorns every day!

    But today I got an item called a “mushroom stand”, when I got 100 acorns, and I have no idea what it is o_o
    It’s like a long bench with a tall mushoom at the end…

    • It’s a lamp 😉 I think it’s cute ^^

      • Ohhh! Now that it’s nighttime here, I can see it is a lamp! I received the mushroom stand during the daytime, when I was the the bus in the sun, so I could hardly see what it did 😛 That’s nice, two lamps ^__^

  15. Hi! I just want to ask, I’m kind of new to animal crossing (thanks for your advice on the acorn festival by the way, it helped me a lot!) and my acorn festival just ended (cornimer isn’t in front of the town hall anymore to collect acorns) but i still have lots of acorns lying around under trees and stuff. should i just sell them all?

    also another question. if you kept a large acorn in your house as a decoration or something would it go rotten?

    • Hello Emmie, thanks for visiting my blog ^^
      You can keep all your acorns for decoration or you can sell them, as you like. Acorns won’t rot in your house, but they also don’t look different, they all look same in the house even if they’re rotten acorns 😉

      • thanks 🙂

  16. Yesh! I had half day! I’m at home now so that means… I CAN COME TODAY!

    • Aww what a pity, you couldn’t come through 😦
      Can you perhaps open around 9PM my time? I’ll come over then ^^

      • OK ^^ I can’t wait for you to see my town!

  17. well the acorn festival was there and gone I will miss it 8(

    • um…
      i know its not exactly near the next acorn festival, but i just needed to know, if u hav collected all the acorns under one tree, does it come bac again the next day?
      and btw, is it true that if u plant acorns it doesnt become acorn trees? cos p!nk told me that u could plant them.
      thx :/

      • Umm to your first question, I think it’s possible though I’ve never checked if the same tree will have acorns soon the next day again. But definitely they’ll have acorns several times during the week. So collecting them is needed to get enough acorns.

        And no, when you plant an acorn, there won’t grow an acorn tree of that ;), you’ll just see a buried item in the ground, like a fossil or a gyroid, but no green ever coming out of there 😉

        • thx mayu!!!!

  18. when i was in the acorn festival, i got all mush furniture, but after i gave cornimer 15 rotten acornns. i thought sumthing funny was goin to happen, but i found out what he says is @!*#.

    • Lol, I think that was a funny experiment ^^

    • He said THAT!? 😯

  19. in the last photo (with cornimer) it looks like your kissing him!!!! LOL

    • No, nooooo, the old guy was kissing me!! xD 😆

  20. hi Mayu! I wish my wifi worked! darn.. *kicks wifi box* then i could play with you!

    • 😦 Awww, that’s a pity Fidelity

  21. How do you tell which seedling/whatever from the shop is a normal one? Fruit trees come from fruits right?

    • The tree saplings which you can buy in Nooks store are the normal ones ^^ (the ones with the two leaves on it in a flower pot). Or when you plant a money tree and there’s no bell bags on it (either you’ve shaken them down or they didn’t grow bellbags) they’ll also turn to normal trees.

  22. thanks!

  23. cornimer scares me very much.

  24. yay! i got everything a day before the festival actually ended! =D
    was so super surprising, but hey, im not complaining! =)

    • Well done Jing ^^

  25. After All The Acons Have Gone And You Still Need More, Put The Date 1 Day Forward, Then Put It Back 1, And All The Acons Come Back With The Same Amount You Have Collected Still There!

  26. I sold 10 of the mush-items and i got 15,564

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