Posted by: Mayu | September 22, 2008

Did you know… (part 21: Transfer Wifi settings)

…that you can transfer your old Wifi settings from your old DS to a new one, so that you don’t need to tell everyone your new FC, because you just keep your old FC?
What you have to do is just:

1. Take your old DS, put a game with Wifi possibility into it (in this case ACWW perhaps XD )

2. Start your game, go to “Other things”

then “Wifi settings”

then “options”

3. There you can press “Transfer Nintendo WFC Configuration”,

Following message you’re told:

then click on the ok button and after that again the ok button.

4. Turn on your new DS without any game in it.
(sorry from now on I haven’t got pictures for you, because I didn’t want to transfer lol)

5. go to “DS Download Play” then answer “Transfer Nintendo WFC Configuration?” (or smthg like that) with yes.

6. Press on the old DS “ok” to transfer all your data. Be aware, that you loose all Wifi configurations on your old DS, i.e. you can’t play ACWW on it with the same FC, because it’s now configured on your new DS. 😀

7. After it’s finished with transfering just save by pressing “Ok” and power off.
That’s all! 😉



  1. How did you find that out?

    • what is your friend code??

  2. I used it for my son, where we had to exchange his DS for two times, after he had bought it 😉 (first time the screen was bad , the second time the cross button was weird)

  3. ARGH! I could have done that with my old DS! Oh well…

  4. Hihihi! Good, that you post it here. In the
    manual of the game is that info, too, but it
    seems, no one throws an eye in the manuals
    in this times, don’t know why… It’s the first think
    i do when i bye some games… Just for the fun
    of it. Sometimes there are some tricks and hints
    in it… 🙂

  5. Yes, Smokie, you’re absolutely right, I also read at first the manual xD

  6. Do you have the Animal Crossing: Wild World, Official Players Guide? I want one^^ If you do, is it any good?

  7. I have it! 😀

  8. Oh, and it’s rubbish.

  9. No I haven’t got the Official Players guide for ACWW. I found all the infos at the web, from friends or myself xD

  10. Im geting a wifi soon and Im soooo excited umm but where do you buy that wifi thing and does it plug into the computer?

    • I think you can buy it in every electronical shop (we can do that here in Germany). Or you decide to buy it online for example on amazon like this: Nintendo Wifi connector on And yes, this connector you have to plug into one of your usb port of the computer.

      If you have a wireless router, I won’t buy the connector at first but trying to get your router run on WEP-mode, that’s needed to connect to Wifi.

  11. o.0 THANK YOU!!!

  12. We have a wireless router, and at first i didn’t realise we had wifi, but when i read the wifi manual,(the one you get when you buy your ds) i realised we di!!!!! It was pretty funny!! 🙂

    • Haha that must have been a real nice surprise xD

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