Posted by: Mayu | September 3, 2008

Did you know… (part 19: sand angel)

… that you can make snow angels, no we have better to say sand angels at the beach? 😆

All you need to have is:
a pharaomask (to have bad luck) or
bad luck (forecasted by Katrina)
so that you trip when you’re running. :mrgreen:

Here I’ve been trying to create a sand angel:

Huff huff huff, run Miki run!! 😛

And the same way back, gooooo!!

And finally she tripped and fell over XD

Bam! Can you see the shape in the sand? I was laughing loud when I saw that first XD

A closer look onto it 😉 . Now have fun to try that out :mrgreen:

(ummmm…. the last picture looks like I’ve been a boy…. 😕 XD 😆 😛 )

PS: The same print you can have when you fell in winter on snow, it’s also very cute.
And thanks to Jaimee I want to show you another sand angel:

She told me when whe was running with Katie over the beach, she would also leave a smaller sand angel after she’d tripped 😆 Isn’t that sweeeet? x3



  1. Yay! I got some credit in this! Hehehe!!

    • Yessss hahaha, you deserved it 😉

      • that is funny 😀

  2. Aww~Katie is cute! (annoying too. xD)
    I bet this’d work in snow when it’s winter…
    I’ll have to try this sometime. 😉

  3. the sand- angel of katie is soo sweet!!!!

  4. i made a snow angel

  5. I tried it- so cute LOL!

  6. :mrgreen:

    sorry just seeing if this works…

  7. OK, it works. 🙂

  8. I heart the tripping game!!! 😀

  9. oh, I see the problem with my avvie, I hadn’t changed the email to my new one…..d’oh.

    • I can see it now lol, it’s funny xD

  10. maniac with an axe. Aka: Me playing bunny hunters with cole.

  11. its sooo cute! 🙂 especially katies! awwwww!

  12. It also works in snow!

  13. I have never tripped before…

  14. yes ive done on the beach 1 summer morning….

  15. hahaha katie the kitten’s “angel” is cute 🙂

  16. tee hee thats funny!!

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