Posted by: Mayu | August 22, 2008

Did you know… (part 18: shouji and tatami)

…that just two items of the catalogue are different between European and American/Japanese version? It’s about the shoji screen and tatami floor.
The original Japanese game and the American ACWW have got this awesome style:

(thanks to Ninjinmarusan from Ninjinmaru no ashiato (にんじんまるのあしあと) who allowed me to show this photo 🙂 )
See, a neat tatami floor on the ground and a wooden paper screen as wallpaper. Perfect to have a Japanese room for all those nice stuff like samurai suit, black katana, white katana, bonsai, etc. etc. 😀

But… we Europeans will never get nor see them, because when we put a shoji screen and a tatami floor onto the floor, it looks like this:

this is the “tatami floor” and

here you can see the shoji wallpaper XD. It looks more like a stone dungeon… 😉
And it’s a pity that we can’t swap these things between the players from one country to the other, because they’ll revert into the own played version 😦

What do you prefer? I think I would be happy with the Japanese version, as I always wanted a Japanese room (I just could do it with designs, how pooor lol).
This was my own try few months ago to have one 😆



  1. Where is that place in the 2nd and 3rd picture?!

  2. Alan? Did you read the caption? XD It’s Martina from Bertdorf’s house!

  3. Yes, this shouji and tatami thing is weird. I had Kabuki in my town, and his room looked like a torture chamber. But now I think about it, it would have looked Japanese with the American version tatami. No offence to the Japanese, by the way.

  4. Yay!!!! Part 18!!!!

  5. Wait a minute Miki!
    I have seen the floor from from the first photo before in an animal’s house. I think it’s called Bamboo floor or something. Maybe you have it the wrong way around?

  6. It’s not quite the same but I can see the similarity.

  7. Why don’t you have an avatar Thea, if you have an ACWW blog?

  8. I’m not logged in – I’ll log in now…

  9. lol Alfonso. a torture chamber ! I had him to once. I think more medivel dungeon.

  10. no Spencer, the bamboo tile is similar but not the same with the tatami floor 😉

  11. This is funny. 😀 Awesome.
    I love your “Did you know?”-Series!
    So much better than the F***ed up Pro7-
    Galileo-Pesudo-Knowlegde-Since-whatever-TV-Shit! XD XD XD

    • Smokie! Laungauge!!!! LOLZ!

  12. Ähm… Science, not Since. XD

  13. lol, thx Smokie!! 😉

  14. rofl alfonso!!! “no offense to the Japanese” yea i live in america, but its waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more fun to make fun of it. 😆 anywayz i had kabuki in my town and i hated him, but that was a looong time ago. i don remember what his house looked like. i was laughing when he finally left.

  15. Aaah, in my version, i have the Japanese one…I’m not being racist at ALL, it’s just my own taste, but I really dislike the shoji screen and tatami floor. I wish I’D have the torture chamber ones, too! Lol

    • Tehehe, I bet everyone likes the other version more because they can’t get it 😛
      Jaimee, are you still there? Do you have time to come over? 😀

  16. Wait.. so is Gladys’ house a shouji/tatami room? Because she has that ‘dungeon’ look..

    • Yes, Gladys has got the shouji/tatami room and we Europeans can only see it as dungeon 😉

  17. Those walls and floors for the European version are actually two wallpaper and floorings on Animal Crossing City Folk! The flooring comes with your basement (which you can get by paying off some of your loan) and it’s called Basement Flooring. The Basement Wallpaper is very rare and hard to get- I don’t know how to get it though.

    • Ahh I didn’t know about that, at least both are available for ACCF, that’s great! 😀

  18. hello can i ask you to ask 4 it in the catolog(yeeh sorry for the spelling mistakes ime dutch! :))and i wil coem with the wifi and pay 4 it i realy want the wallpaper!

  19. I love the shoji screen and tatami floor, I have the American version so I’m lucky I have the floor I like. But the other one is pretty cool too 🙂

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