Posted by: Mayu | July 26, 2008

Did you know… (part 16: paintings)

… that in the German version the paintings are well-defined whether they are fake or real?

I know it’s a little bit unfair to all those English players, but instead of having an expression for the paintings like warm painting or lovely painting, all the paintings in the German version have got their real painter names like Goya or Renoir. And when Redd’s offers a fake painting in his tent he uses other names like Slevogt or Liebermann or Claudius, which are also painters, but they’re not listed in the catalogue. So once you know all the right names it’s easy-peasy for us Germans to say if the paintings are fake or not.
Ok, I’ll give you a list of all available paintings in ACWW:

Painting: English name: German name: available at:
Amazing painting Rembrandt Redd
Basic painting Gainsborough Redd
Calm painting Seurat Redd
Common painting Millet Redd
Dainty painting Degas Redd
Famous painting Da Vinci Nook
Fine painting Gaugin Nook
Flower painting Van Gogh Redd

Lovely painting Renoir Redd

Moving painting Botticelli Redd

Nice painting Manet Redd

Opulent painting Mucha Redd

Perfect painting Cézanne Redd

Quaint painting Vermeer Redd

Rare painting Klimt Redd

Scary painting Sharaku Redd

Solemn painting Velsquez Redd

Strange painting Toulouse-Lautrec Redd

Warm painting Goya Redd

Worthy painting Delacroix Redd

The famous and fine painting are the only paintings which have to be bought at Nook (he offers it as a spotlight product). At Redd you pay the double price (3920) while Nook sells it for 1960 bells.
I don’t know if Redd tells you in the English version always the appropiate name of the paintings so that you haven’t got any chance to tell if it’s fake or not, I would appreciate it if you tell me of your experience (perhaps Nook is just saying another name of it, too? Like instead of amazing painting he tells you it’s a perfect one? I would like to know that 😉 )
But anyway, the best way to achieve all paintings in a quick and safe way is to order that ones, what you have got already in your museum at Nook and to trade them with other peoples, in my opinion. 🙂
Btw, I think next month I’ll order all available paintings from my catalogue and put them in my town somewhere so that my visitors can touch them all to have them in their catalogue. So you can order all your missing paintings after that in your town. ^^



  1. Nice paintings. I think they sort of look the same as the English…

    I’d just like to correct you on the AR thing: I’ve had AR for three months, and even if I drop new nooks it doesn’t change anything. The glitches you talked about never ever happen to anyone, they’re probably just rumors.

    Again, I’d love to come, but I do use the walk anywhere code, so I don’t think I’m allowed.

    ~ Smee

  2. And also, nope, they don’t tell the names. They just give the name of paintings.

  3. Hello Smee, thanks for your comments ^^
    Ah so you never had bad experiences with your AR that it might destroy your game? That’s good to know, but I know that there are many people whose towns were destroyed because some AR players seeded their town by dropping another gate or Nook shops or something else in their town and once they’re seeded and the progress was saved they couldn’t remove it without having an program. So the only way for them was to restart their town from the very beginning again. And that sucks really. I think I would be very disappointed when my town would be destroyed in that way…

    Sorry that I don’t allow people in my people who uses code to walk anywhere or something like that, but’s that just a safety measure for me. If you leave AR aside and play just normally without codes you’re always welcome in my town 😉

  4. I just need one more painting to complete my whole museum! I’ve searched your handy list and I believe I need the Solemn Painting. Please, could somebody get me one?!

  5. Hallo Mayu
    Ich habe ein sehr großes bitte an dich. Aber das ist allein deine Entscheidung wenn du es tun willst oder nicht. Aber wenn du es nicht willst ist es auch in Ordnug. Also Ich brauche nur noch 12 Gemälde das ist aber viel aber könntest du Bitte die Geemälde bei Nook bestellen. Ich gibt dir auch Geld dafür. Also ich brauche: Rembrandt, Grainsborough, Seurat, Millet, Da Vinci, Van Gogh, Botticelli, Manet, Ce´zanne, Velsquez, Goya und Delacroix. Und Danke. Wenn es geht kannst hole ich sie am Montag um 10 uhr. Aber das ist allein deine Entscheidung. 😳

  6. Well as I said before: Next month (that’s in 6 days 😉 – when my gyroid party will be over ) I’ll order ALL paintings and you can touch your missing ones in my town, then you’re able to order them at your Nook. I think it’s the best way, so I don’t have to order many paintings twice, triple or even more times.

    in German: nochmal auf Deutsch: ich werde ab nächsten Monat (das sind nur noch 6 Tage) alle Gemälde bestellen und sie zum Grabbeln in meiner Stadt auslegen. So habt ihr die Gemälde dann im Katalog und könnt sie selber bei euch nachbestellen. Ich hoffe, das geht in Ordnung? Ist auf jeden Fall die leichteste Lösung für mich, dann brauch ich nämlich nicht alles doppelt und dreifach bestellen (ich denke, es wollen noch so einige was bestellt haben) 🙂

  7. Nein ganz und gar nicht. Es ist Ordnung.

  8. The chart you put up is super helpful! Good job!

  9. Those people are seeders. They’re different from hackers. Hacker hack, seeders seed. 😀

    ACC has a really good rating system. You can see what people said about them and make sure they’re not seeders.

  10. Eine gute Idee!
    Mir fehlt nur noch ein einziges, dann habe ich alle Komplett! Juchuu, dann bekomme ich das Museumsmodell:-)
    Ich hoffe, dass ich dann kommen kann.
    Mal schauen… Topia

  11. Your gonna have sort of like a ‘painting party’, cool! I’ve got six at the moment – poor I know 😦 but since there’s only 20 paintings altogether I shall whiz through picking them up and dropping them.
    I use this technique: (it’s never failed before but I’ve only ever done it 4 times) Buy the painting between the hours of 6am and 6pm then, still between those hours, I go and donate it to Blathers. My theory with that is, Blathers is so tired, he doesn’t realise.
    I can make both those times for coming to yourn town 🙂 (no school!)

    • heyy thea i got less than you i think i got 4!!

  12. Smee: Ohh, you have an account on ACC? I would like to know your username, as I have an account also 😉

    Ah, btw, that’s alot easier then on the German version. 😆 Now I know why Julia was calling it the “Van Gogh” painting. XD

  13. my frend has an AR and she used it on my game so i had all the paintings on the museum

  14. In The American ACWW, ( I own it )
    There IS a very fine line between real and fake based on what Redd SAYS about the painting.So, If he says somthing like, Say, “Redd did a lot of wheeling and dealing to get that t his shop…If only it could stay a little longer…” It’s probably real because his expression will be kind of Worried like He Spent a lot of money to get it. I he says He’ll give you a cheap deal, Or hes Scheming througt the whole ordeal, It’s probably A fake. Me personally, I just buy all the paintings to be safe. I don’t really Mind losing the 3000 or so Coins, Considering My town seems to have gotten All the luck and “rare” Bugs Aren’t so rare After all. 😉

  15. Oh, that’s interesting fluffers1490 ^^
    Thanks for your statement 🙂

  16. Nook always sells you ‘the real dea’ through my experience. But redd you can’t tell untill youve bought it. If he says it took me lots of wheeling and deeling he says it with two different expressions. When it’s fake heres the black line and star and the music goes da da da da. When it’s real he doesn’t do anything. I’ve used this tecnique for quite some time and it seems to work.

  17. Here’s a way how to tell for English players…….

    Once you have bought the painting, go straight to Nook’s and look for it in your catalogue. If it’s not there, you know it’s a fake.
    Also, I hear that if Nook doesn’t know if a painting is counterfeit or not, he pays more for it. Worth a shot!! 🙂

    • I’ve heard of people saying that Nook can’t tell the difference but when i sold Nook a fake painting one time he told me it was fake and bought it for 10 bells only 😦

      • Umm I’m not quite sure about it as it is already years ago when I had fake paintings, but have you given the painting Blathers before you sold it? Then it’s identified and Nook can tell that it’s a fake. But I think even when it’s a real one Nook doesn’t offer much for this painting…

  18. When I bought a fake from Redd, I took it to Blathers and he still took it and put it in the museum… then he fell asleep.


    • Ohh that’s interesting, well I can’t figure it out, but perhaps those who have got the English/American version can do it for us 😀

      • Hi Mayu! I tried this and it worked. I’m gonna try it a couple more times before I’m convinced though…

        • Ohh thanks for trying that out ^^ I hope it will also work the next times, please try that again and thanks for your help 🙂

          • Hi Mayu! I tried it again and it was fake.
            that was a little dissappointing…

            • ahh what a pity… 😦

  20. Yay!

  21. […] Meow let me check in Redd’s tent if this painting is real or fake. Luckily we Germans can distinguish between them, because we’ve got other names for it. And it was a Seurat (calm painting) so I’m quite sure that it’s real (for further detail about this theme look at this post: Did you know part 16: paintings) […]

  22. Hi, I’m quite new to the game, but i’m never to saw what you mean so if you could explan it to me in more detail then i would really understand ,but if you don’t have enough time then don’t worry.

    Love your website,

  23. Sorry for wasteing your time, it’s ok i have read one of your friends comments so i really understand know, thanks and bye

    From maisexxxxxx

    • Oh ok, otherwise I just wanted to explain it better xD. Thanks for visiting my blog ^^


    • Ohh never heard of that before! That would be a good hint! 😀

  25. mayu do the painting drop i need please

    • Pardon? You want paintings to touch, or what do you want?

  26. Hey Mayu,

    I had Redd visiting my town for the third time now and I always had a fake painting, could it be that you won’t get real paintings unless you buy a fake painting first of something?

    (Mein letzter Kommentar dieses Jahr^^, werde die Antwort wohl auch erst im neuen Jahr lesen können also noch mal Frohe Weihnachten und ein guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr =P)

    • No LoN3, that’s really random and I don’t think that you have to buy a forged one first to get the real ones…
      Actually it’s really difficult to get all the paintings for the museum, without the help of my friends who ordered me them I would still have some missing paintings in museum lol.

  27. If Redd talks a lot when you click on the painting, its a fake cuse he is trying to stal you into thinking its a fake.

    • Also if you try to sell a unidentified fake painting, nook will sell it in its original price as if it were real. if it was identified, it cost drops dramaticlly. a good way to avoid small priced fonies is this:
      1.) As soon as you buy the forged fake, skip the museum and go to Nook’s.
      2.) Talk to nook and click on ‘catolog plz’ button.
      3.) Go to FURNITURE section and go to the very bottom of the list.
      4.) Then you will see the list of REAL paintings (wink, wink.) Search for the same painting you bought from Redd’s on the catolog.
      5.) If you see ( say, i.e. a calm painting that you bought from redds) the same painting in the catolog than in your pockets/ closet/ etc., then its real. If it doesn’t appear in the catolog, Its fake.

      • Ohh thanks so much for your help Icy King, I bet this will help the people a lot! 😀

  28. Lol That lil Da Vinci one was pretty obvious. sense almost everyone knows he was the one who made the famous painting.

    (note i said ALMOST. so dont go disputing me saying you never knew.)

  29. now i have 2 fake paintings great 😦

  30. In the American version, if Crazy Redd has a thought bubble over his head or he says: “is a very nice item”, “it took ol’ Redd a long time to get his hands on that!”, “a lot of wheeling and dealing”, “when it comes to items for Crazy Redd’s family, I won’t stop ’til I get it!”, or “I’m gonna offer it to you for only Bells!”, then the painting is fake. I’m sure about this, cuz whenever I buy one of his paintings and he doesn’t say this stuff, it’s real. Hope this helps! 😀

    • That’s an awesome help, thanks a lot Josh! 😀

  31. Hi, Mayu,
    I also realised if you go outside at night, you may see a shooting star. Quickly press ‘a’ and your player will join its hands together and bow as if praying… the next morning I received a letter saying ‘What did you wish for when you saw the star?… No. It’s OK. It’s granted.’ It was signed ‘Wishy the Star.’ And I got the fine painting.

  32. aarrrgghh!!!
    😡 STUPID REDD! SAYING “Good luck with that perfect painting hee hee hee…”

  33. Lol, i had to draw ”Scary Painting” once for school.

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  35. I don’t know if you still visit this blog, but if you had the EU version and switched the language settings of your ds to like german just for redd, would you be able to tell the difference then?

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