Posted by: Mayu | July 1, 2008

Did you know… (part 13: fruit cheat)

… that there’s a little trick to get foreign fruits?

You have no friends who play ACWW? You can’t go over Wi-Fi to visit other towns? Then it’s really difficult to get other fruits than your native fruit…
Unless you know a sweet little trick how to get them faster and with great success.
I’ll divide this trick into the English and German version, as both are different in their content.
For English ACWW games (or American, doesn’t matter):
The trick is to write a letter to your neighbour which is only one line long like this example. Bethany helped me a lot because she tried it out and it worked 😀 :

It doesn’t matter what you write but it has to be English and don’t forget to put a native fruit from your town into the letter. Then you have a 50/50 chance that either you get a random shirt back or what we’ve intended a foreign fruit!!

For German players you have to write:

“Tausche Obst gegen Obst.” (the meaning of it is: I want to swap fruit for fruit) and only these words. You can also write it in one line next to each other or like this one word at each line, you get the same result.
Put again your native town fruit into it and I think it’s even a lot better chance to get a foreign fruit back, I never had shirts in the answer letters, but I can’t prove it for a general statement.

In this case I got peaches back instead of apples which I sent them before. (I wrote two letters)

Thanks again Bethany for your great help, this little ACWW secret is dedicated to you 🙂



  1. This one is my life saver. xD

    And I am happy I could help!

  2. Oopsy, I forgot to mention that I made one of these websites too… It doesn’t have anything in it yet. But this is Bethany! 🙂

  3. Oh yes I also went to your site but couldn’t leave a comment there because I’m not a livejournal member… (guests aren’t allowed to write a comment), so feel visited from me. Your site is lovely and it’s very interesting to read your posts, you’re a good narrator. ^^

  4. Thank you! And I think I’m gonna ditch my LiveJournal… I like how this place does websites better. 🙂

  5. hii i was on acww and i was setting up my wi-fi cuz ma bezzie lives ova side ov england 2 me and like i pressed rong buttons and deleted my animal crossing world and ihad mansion and all fruits and all golden stuff… is there any way 2 get it back or do i have 2 start all over again and also if u give me ya friend codes ill add u and can i come 2 your town or u can come mine as im trying 2 find all charactors lol i have a check list on my computer how sad am i lol and also just to let you know i have never wrote a comment on any website this long:O lol 😀 cheers help and codes are greatly apreachiated xxx

    • There is no way to get it all back, but I can show you some codes if you’d like

  6. It didn’t work I got 4 shirts 😐 Ohh well

    • just keep trying it worked for me

  7. oh Samii, I still didn’t respond to your comment yet, sorry about that…
    Thx for you long comment and I’m sorry but I don’t know any method to get your town back, I’m afraid… 😦 It must be shocking when you realised that, I would be shocked!

    to Chara: Oh, it didn’t worked? Uhh, perhaps try it more? Sorry I can’t help you with that…

  8. that is soooo cool!
    i have got to try that.
    All i need is peaches so i wonder if…..

  9. Wow, THANKS, it really helps !

    Now I have all available fruits =D !

  10. Oh thanks Anni! I’m glad that it worked for you 😀

  11. Oh that is really helpful i only have peaches(my native fruit), cherries(from my friend lisa’s town) and coconuts

  12. I DON’T BELIEVE IT!!! IT ACTUALLY WORKS!!! I gave foreign fruit to my neighbors and I got a new foreign fruit now!!! I now have pears, (native fruit) peaches, oranges, (from my little brother) coconuts, and my newest foreign fruit, apples!!! (courtesy of Goldie!) Only one more fruit to obtain. Thanks again!!!

    • yay Jeronimo, so only cherry is left! Well done! 😀

  13. please someone with a native fruit other than cherry please put in your friend code for Animal Crossing Wild World on DS.

    • Hey Joshua, ummm… Can you give me your friend code? PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR FRIEND CODE!

  14. you can also get foren fruits from your mum in letters 😆

    • Hahaha, you’re right xD

  15. I have all the fruits ❗ come if u want

  16. I sent someone some furniture and they sent me a toilet lol 😆

  17. hii emma, wat is ur fc? here are my stats:
    name: Claire
    town: Pixelpop
    fc: 1419-3321-0871

  18. did you know that your mom in the game sometimes sends you letter with a different fruit?

  19. Well I knew that and I say in the letters “I love fruit.” usually works most of the time 🙂

  20. I am going to try it! fingers crossed, eh?

  21. what happens if you make a not-native-fruit in the letter? sry my english isnt good XD

    • Ummm I think there’s no difference what fruit you use xD

  22. YESSS this is so helpful thank you! I’ll try it out right away!

  23. hiya ive looked at every single 1 atm up to here lol if anyone wants to add me to their friend list this is mine
    Name Paige_x
    Town (musical note)Florida
    Code 0222 5575 6344
    hope i can get some people xx

    • Daniel Oakville 2493-6717-6176
      add me?? 🙂

  24. omg thank u so much for this!!!!

  25. ummm yes i got one problem my native fruit was pears and i just got pears back…but on the 3rd try i got cherries! so just lettin u know sometimes you get the same fruit back

    • Ahh right I should have told about this, too 😉
      Thanks for this info, shiny_charizard52 ^^

  26. Hi!
    I`m from Germany and my English is bad…<:)
    I love acww, it`s my favourite game!
    Thank you for this tip.

    • Thanks for visiting my blog, Mizu ^^

  27. I tried that about 5 times, all I got was a peach (Native fruit), a nebula shirt, a wizard cap, another peach, and a pear (Hooray!)… 😛

  28. I can’t get Orances as my native fruit 😦 Iv’e tryed at least 52 times please help me!

  29. im to scared to do it because my fruit is orange but i only have one (i cut down all my trees)
    so does it work ?

  30. WOW! THANKS A LOT!i now have all the fruit and i am so thankful for your help! PS can anybody give me their friend code i want a few friends {in cluding you Mayu}

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    • ?

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