Posted by: Mayu | June 28, 2008

Did you know… (part 12: Tag/Contact Mode)

… that there’s another way to get foreign bottle mails without Wifi?

That’s a method to get a letter and perhaps present from foreigners you haven’t got in your roster. It was’nt a big interest of me during the last two years but I think I had to try it out at least once. (I did it with two DS’s and with two ACWW games)
First you’ve to prepare yourself before you can go into Tag/Contact Mode:

1. Buy a bottle mail at Nook

2. Perhaps it would be nice if you buy also a present for the other person ^^:

3. Write a letter…

4. … and drag the present into the bottle.

5. Finally release the bottle mail into the river or ocean.

6. Then save your game and restart it and go to “Contact Mode” or “Tag mode” for the English version

7. Rover will appear and he asks you if you want to start the Contact Mode and then you have to shut your DS lid, but still power on.

The idea is now, that you go shopping or to some spot where a lot of people are while having your DS in your bag, hoping that some other people are playing ACWW, too and are also in Tag/Contact Mode… (well, have you ever experienced this?!? I think it must be a very high coincidence to meet other people doing the same crazy thing like you, lol 😆 )
I took the short way and just did the same with the other ACWW game and other DS.
So once they came into contact with each other, they swap their bottle mails and when you open your DS Rover will say:

“It seems that you’ve something received! Start your game!”

9. Ok, then you can choose one chara and start your game as always… The bottle wasn’t in my inventory but you can found it on the beach, like all bottle mails usually can be found there.

10. As you can see it also says the name of the person who sent this bottle away.

Conclusion: Nice idea but I think it’s quite useless, I don’t want to walk with my DS in contact mode all the time, hoping that other people do the same thing- it’s more fun to get bottle mails via Wifi which is much easier to get XD.



  1. Your name is Mayu? I’m Maya! Nice to meet you. Your blog seems really cool except the pictures aren’t in English! At least your text is in English. That’s the only language I speak well!

  2. Your blog is so cool! 🙂 I will add it to my blog’s ( blogroll! 🙂

  3. Hello Maya and thanks for visiting my blog ^^
    I just visited your blog, too, I’ll soon put a comment there, my first impression: cute! 😉

  4. Thanks 😀

  5. Aaah… I’m under my brother’s blog name! This is actually Maya.

  6. hey! if its Tag Mode in the american version, and its Contact mode in the German, then if u played tag you would say CONTACT! ur it!!! *or however you say u r it in german*

  7. I may try it lol…..

  8. what was that other town with the house with the blue roof and hacked cedars?

    • Umm pardon? I don’t know what you exactly want to know xP

      • oh well the house with the main menu with the two hacked cedars and a mansion model blue roof
        (picture 6)

        • Look at the last comment of me, I’ve explained it there ^^

  9. contact mode? well in my acww game says tag mode… 🙂

    • Ohh good to know, thank you!! ♥

  10. yeah whats that house with blue roof with hacked cedar trees? is that your game miki? do you use action replay?

    • i use action replay!!!

    • Ohhh I see it now lol. xD
      Sorry no, that’s the house of my son, I had to check this mode with another DS and got my son to help me 😆
      So that’s maybe where I thought of “Oh, I still need to have a photo where you can find the contact mode” and just took my sons DS to have one xP

  11. Hey Mayu,
    I’m new to AC WW, and I want to know if I could visit you sometime…?

    • Wow, I was soo young then…

      • Gosh I really was young…

        • Hii Sorcha, how are you?? I’ve been missing you!!

  12. cant believe ur german mayu lol its creepy how an adult can play this lol adults (most) dont use videogames -_-

    • Really? I know a lot of adult players who love to play videogames (I think my generation was the first one who played a lot with videogames lol) and there are also a lot of people who love to play acww. Even grannys are playing it 😉

  13. ut i like how u play acww it makes me feel in a big wolrd =D

  14. haha tmmy/tommy is called schlepp in german!!!

    • Yep, they’re Nepp and Schlepp, odd names lol

  15. Hey,Mayu does your son every need hacking lesitens?Wel if he does just ask me.ok

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