Posted by: Mayu | June 26, 2008

Did you know… (part 11: special guests at the Roost)

…that the Roost has got sometimes special guests?

When no other special visitors for example like Sahara, Katrina or Wendell are in your town you can look at the Roost for special guests!
Here’s a list of all available guests and the time of their visits:

Harriet: from Monday to Friday 11PM-12AM (only if you have Nookingtons)

Kapp’n: All week at 12PM-1.30PM and 2.30PM-4PM

Lyle: Sundays at 12PM-1.30PM

Pelly: All week at 6AM-6.55AM

Phyllis: Sunday to Friday at 9PM-9.55PM

Resetti: Sunday at 2.30PM-4PM

Rover: All week at 12PM-1.30PM and 2.30PM-4PM



  1. Who’s Smeralda?

  2. Oops, sorry, that was Katrina’s German name lol

    • my moms name is esmeralda emerald in spanish =D

      • That’s a wonderful name ^^

  3. Sounds like a boys name to me! 😆
    Thanks for letting me known.

  4. OMG this is so HELPFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS BLOG!

    • Aww you’re always soo kind to me Nicole/Sofia xD

  5. Very helpful (only bit of info that is missing is that Harriet only appears when you have Nookingtons 😉

    • Ohh you’re so right, dear Guest. Thanks a lot for your hint, I changed that 😉

  6. No problem 😉 Nooks upgradng to Nooknigtons on my town tommorow!! Im so excited!

    • Hey, that’s great! But also enjoy your last Nookway, Nookington gets boring after several months lol

      • your right!

  7. It does, I’ve had it many times, but brickers and bad layouts make me lose it :/ I met Rover in the roost yesterday!! I changed my DS language to see the name of Nookway in different languages!! MegaNook, HiperNook, SuperNook!!

  8. Its was so helpful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. Why only Wendell, Saharah and Katrina?
    Why not Redd and Joan? 😛

    • Well these were just examples xP but you’re right that would also mean Redd or Joan or Dr. Shrunk 😉

  10. How play i Wifi????????? 🙂
    and are wifi, when your play ACWW with other peopels?

    • You play over Wifi in that moment when you connect with your DS to the internet and play with a friend not nearby to you. The other option would be DS to DS when you have a friend next to you and you visit each other 😉
      Btw, are you from Germany? ^^ Then I could also explain some things in German as it is easier for me 😛
      But when you look on my FAQ page, I’ve tried to explain how you can connect your DS to Wifi, but it’s not that easy to understand I suppose… 😳

  11. Sorry Mayu. Nothing yet

  12. Thanks again 😉 thanks for help.
    Why not make a list over the nicknames you can get? (your blog are really goooooood)

    • Sorry but I play my game in German mode, and I can’t collect them all xD

  13. how do u take such great pictures of ur game?!

    • On my FAQ page you can find a link to a post where I described it 😀

  14. I’ve never seen Harriet before, even thought I have nookingtons, 😉

  15. be4 i had rover, everytime i see him on tag mode, really, he creeps me owt. 😦 i almost get nitemares. 😦

    • prepare to get over your nightmires:

      • 😆 !!

  16. -sure, you could sit there.
    -Haha. corny, yet funny.
    -WTF!? I’m a boy!
    -i didn’t say you were crazy
    -your bieng wierd
    -hello? HELLO!? … weirdo…
    -last time i’ve checked, cats dont have siezure!!!
    -can you promise you dont sweat on my pants?
    -no ****ing way! Aw man!
    – Shut up, Shut down, Shut up, Shut down. JK

    • -… akward… >_> <_< 😐
      – 1st off, thats a duck sound, second, its nunya. Hi rover, whats YOUR name?

      • don’t worry we come in peaces, or… peaches, or… leeches… …. …… HEY! do i know you? What? Just turn off the tv. like i said be4, aaakward. You spell akward rong btw. … uh… oh look! its my stop! gtg. By wierdo.

        • XD super funny, gold! I’m gonna show this to EVERYONE!

  17. what about the singer?

    • Well he doesn’t drink coffee at Brewster 😉 But of course he can be found on the stage every saturday from 8PM~12AM ^^

  18. katrkina comes in ur town?! i never met her =_ (
    WAAAAAAA i have a animal crossing cf but i never met her in animal crossing ww

  19. So.. are these characters at the roost every time I go in there on their specific time?

    • Hi ,
      no it is random 🙂

      Merry Christmas


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