Posted by: Mayu | June 15, 2008

Did you know… (part 10: Mummy’s Casket)

…that the Mummy’s Casket…

is a CABINET!! Lol, I didn’t know that!!! xD

What the heck?!? Where do you put all your items in this Casket?!? Between Tut-Anch-Amuns toes? Next to his head? Where are his six shelves xD?
That’s so crazy! 😆



  1. Tee hee hee! Typical of AC:WW 🙄 ! Cool, I’ve never heard of the Mummy Casket but I see what you mean by it being crazy! 😆

  2. 😆 That’s very strange!

  3. lol dont feel bad i didnt noe that either before

  4. lolz 🙂
    cool i’l trade $10,000 animal crossing money for that cabinet!

  5. omg its SMILING 😯 scaryyyyy

  6. I had the mummy casket once. I got it from a balloon in ACWW. It took me about a week before I realized it was a cabinet! 😀

    • Then you were quick lol , it took me more than a year, when I realised it lol

  7. Where can i find the mummy casket 🙂

    • It’s a spotlight item that you can buy at Nook’s shop ^^

      • also on the flea market day go to luckys house (if hes in your town obviously!) and buy it from him as he has a eqyptian style house (actually he looks like a mummy him self!

  8. I have no idea how you get the mummys casset but HOW DO YOU GET IT HOW DO YOU GET IT???!!!!!

  9. oh okay i see where… never mind… teehee!

  10. okay this is just CRAZZZZZYY

  11. Ok, I know that this is totally off subject, but how do you change your profile picture on here?

    • You can change it when either have an blog too or when you register on
      there you can also upload your own avatar after you’ve registered there (it’s for free)

  12. That is SICK O_O
    Your putting all your items IN A MUMMY CASKET. Yuck. If you put flowers in there like I do, then what would happen? Would they like, start growing on the mummy? O_O

    • Haha I know, it’s really crazy xD 😆

  13. 😀
    I just thought mine was some looney furniture peice!

  14. “Captain Cabinets,trapped in cabinets,will he get out?can he get out?of course he will. he Captain Cabinets! Oh,The Mighty Boosh. Good old Vince.

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