Posted by: Mayu | June 12, 2008

Did you know… (part 9: The Bug-Off)

… that’s it is quite easy to win the bug trophy?

This sunday is the Bug-Off in our towns. It’s similar to the Fishing Tourney where you have to give Tortimer, who is standing outside the townhall, the biggest fish. And this time you have to give him the biggest insect.
Of course you can try to find on Sunday afternoon an appropiate insect, but… :mrgreen:
… we can also prepare us so that the bug trophy will be ours and not one of the neighbours, muahahaha 😆

The best thing to do is now collecting big insects like:

The birdwing during day play or

The oak silk moth at night 🙂

Just put them until sunday in your pocket or in your house and bring them on Sunday afternoon to Tortimer. He doesn’t recognize your “cheated” insects and he’ll measure it for you.
So hopefully none of the neighbours will have a bigger one and the bug trophy is easy-peasy yours!
Fingers crossed! 😉



  1. isnt it cheating…oh wait hehe thats the point! 😯 silly me 😆

  2. its the biggest bug

  3. I might try and win it agai but… it is today rrrrrrr

  4. I love bird’s wings. I catch them all the time!

  5. if he gives you prizes when you get a bigger bug, then capture a ladybug or honey bee and then get a slightly bigger bug each time. make sure you organize your bugs in your inventory before you turn them in!

  6. waoh is that on game cube??? if you have it on animal crossing for wii can i add youh????

  7. Town-PlanetQo

  8. oohhh woops its ds….

    • No problem at all michelle. Thanks for visiting my blog!! ^^

  9. Oak silk moth is the biggest bug its amazing too 0.0

  10. What I did to win the Fishing Tourney was:

    I caught a tuna, put it in my house, waited for the tourney (2-3 days away in my case) and talked to Tortimer, and then I went home, grabbed it, gave it to him, played for a while, and then saved, quit, and turned it to the next day when I knew I was winning, and bam! The trophy was mine.

  11. <— wow, look how big the bridwing is in real :O

  12. i won the fishing tourney with a barbed steel XD

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