Posted by: Mayu | June 10, 2008

Did you know… (part 8: Mosquitos)

… that you can avoid being stung by a mosquito during fishing?

You know this situation, you’re fishing, and you see a good looking fish shape in the water. You throw the bait into the water, and then suddenly “bzzzzzzzzzz” an annoying mosquito is flying to you…

… and then -zap!- you’re bitten by it, what a bummer! Of course you lost the fish as the character has to scratch the itchy spot on the face…

Well, what can we do to avoid this? It’s just easy, open your gates on DS to DS mode (or Wifi if you don’t mind that someone might pop in)

Once it is open, there aren’t any mosquitos in your town. 🙂

So relax and enjoy fishing the huge fishes without being bothered.


P.S: The only disadvantage is that Tarantulas also disappear while gate is open… ^^



  1. Another ocean sunfish? 😛
    Anyways, great tip! 😀
    I enjoy these “Did you know” entries. 🙂

  2. when do the sharks like ocean sunfish eppear!! they must have the fin in the shadow i know but i have fished over 30 minutes at the beach!! its spring in mt town.they do not appear!!

  3. thats handy thanks mayu 😉

  4. Yeah man !
    I love reading your Did You Know pages !

    Awesome page, love the blogs also .

    Happy 2010 (:

    • Thanks a lot Cathey, I really appreciate your comment 🙂
      Happy New Year to you too 😀

  5. hi mayu!ich hab ne frage ich kann irgw nie nen hai oder mondfisch oder halt nen fetten fisch fangen XDimmer wenn ich hochzehe als der köder runtergeht schwimmt er weg pls hilf mir!!1!

    • Hi Yuna! Spielst du gerade im Sommer? 🙂 Ansonsten kriegt man jetzt nämlich kaum große Fische.
      Hmmm ein paar gute Tipps zum fangen… *überleg* Die großen Fische sind halt wirklich schwierig zu fangen, du musst wirklich schnell sein, sobald der Köder runtergeht. Am besten finde ich, geht es, wenn du auch den Sound dabei an hast, denn das Platschen hörst du viel schneller, als man den Köder runtergehen sieht, ist zumindest meine Meinung 😉
      Vielleicht kannst du auch von einem Freund eine goldene Angel ausleihen, die soll dir nämlich auch ein bisschen mehr Zeit zum fangen geben, man hat damit bessere Chancen die Großen zu fangen.

  6. And scorpions! Don’t forget Scorpions!

  7. You sholdn#t leave your gate open! Thiefes get into yor town and steal realy EVERYTHING in your house! It happened to my friend so don#t leave your gate open while you are not in your house. I’m not lying

  8. Hello there! Do you know if they make any plugins to safeguard against hackers?
    I’m kinda paranoid about losing everything I’ve worked hard on.
    Any suggestions?

    • Hello there. Icicle3000 here. Wow, it’s been such a long time since I have been here. Man do I feel such a child after what I’ve done. Oh well.

      Anyways, enough nostalgia, I’m afraid, as far as I know, that the only way to prevent any hackers is to only play with people you personally know, or people that you are sure of that does not have any hacking devices.

      Anybody who attempts to go to another person’s town using the Action Replay device will have the connection interrupted to avoid this situation, however I am not sure this includes other hacking devices.

      Overall, I do not know. But if you do not find a plugin, all you can do is just be aware of who visits your town.

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