Posted by: Mayu | June 8, 2008

Did you know… (part 7: hair styles)

…that you can influence hairstyle and colour by answering the right questions from Harriet?

I can see many people searching for ACWW hairstyles and so I decided to put a little guide here:
Once you’ve got Nookington’s there’s a hair salon in the shop, called Shampoodle and is run by Harriet. She asks you several questions to give you the hairstyle which fits most for you. Of course you can influence your hairstyle by giving the right answers 😉 . Each hair style change costs 3000 bells, but you can change it just once a day.
The first three questions has to do with the hairstyle (with 2 options to answer), the last two questions settle the colour.
Here’s an overview of all hairstyles and colours, the numbers stand for giving the first or the second option to answer:

Pic Answers

Hairstyle Colour
1 1 1 regular warm & safe
1 1 2 curls warm & lighthearted
1 2 1 pony stub warm & fiery
1 2 2 ears short warm & flirty
2 1 1 ears long cool & mysterious
2 1 2 pony tail cool & young
2 2 1 pigtails cool & lush
2 2 2 triangle spikes cool & radiant


Pic Answers

Hairstyle Colour
1 1 1 regular warm & safe
1 1 2 bowl cut
warm & lighthearted
1 2 1 one spike warm & fiery
1 2 2 bowl cut
2 lines
warm & flirty
2 1 1 cowlick cool & mysterious
2 1 2 coif cool & young
2 2 1 covereye cool & lush
2 2 2 spiky cool & radiant

When you visited Harriet 16 times and changed your hairstyle you can even choose hairstyles of the opposite gender so that you’ve the selection of 16 different hairstyles, woohoo.



  1. Nice! That’ll help when I come to your town. I’ve never had the chance to change my hairstyle before *sigh* 😦

  2. wow thanks i was serching like forever for an awsome new due

  3. sorry but you had mixed flirty and fiery for boys.
    you should repair this error. Hope you will be happy
    I said it. now you know

  4. Ahh right, thanks a lot Sebas 😀

  5. my brother got a pink ponytail this morning XP

  6. hey yall your like so freakin welcome i luv u all and brotha is like gay he luvs him some boys

  7. sorry my brotha is not gay

    • Who are you? oO xD

  8. ya i can get the guy hairstyles [pixie cuts] … harriet said it would bring out my cheekbones 😛

  9. xD, did you get one? I never did my hair enough to get pixie cuts^^

  10. I had a pixie cut before it is a boys hairstyle weierd 🙂 😦 😉 😀 😛

  11. hey a cool style is 3 things in pink with the pink cap

  12. thanks it so helped me

  13. it didnt help

  14. that is very helpful! thanx mayu!

  15. OMG! The third hairstyle for girls (the orange one) looks JUST LIKE MY MOM! :O 😀

    • Haha, that’s nice xD

  16. hey i have an action replay and…….. well……… i wanted to know what each hairstyle is called cuz every other website I’ve been to has eather said onley the name or onley the pics and no name 😦

    • i don’t think the have a name! 😉


    • Ok I’ll look and see if I can find some names and put it aside of the table, ok?

  17. mayu, can you tell me if i have to put big nights or every day for each STYLE not color thxs XD

  18. Ohh you have to look for the numbers I put in there, as Harriet is asking always three questions that refers to the hairstyle I only put a “1” for either the first option or a “2” for the second option.
    So in this case the first 4 pictures shows us the “every day” hairstyles and the last 4 of the table the “Big nights!”, I hope you did understand me, I’m quite bad in explaining xP

  19. I already new all this but it’s still good to be on the internet P.S Mayu i under stood you

    • Thanks for your visit Ballla! I appreciated your comment 🙂

  20. my hair is spiky and i love it thx to you doin this hairstyle guide mayu xD

    • Haha I’m happy that it helped you xD

  21. Guess what?I heard there is a braided hair cheat!

    • Ummmm I think it’s just a rumour… I’ve never seen any other hairstyle than listed on the list above

    • it would probly be ugly

  22. I think there is a secret curly hair for girls because me and my bff were and she got her hair done playin acww DS-DS and she got blonde lond curly hair. Please tell me if this is true. I don’t recall because it was over summer break.

    • Like I said somewhere before, I’ve never seen other hairstyles than these what are displayed on this page 😉
      Maybe she meant the curls hairstyle? What you can see as second picture from above?

  23. oops typo not lond long sorry!

  24. what hairstyle and colour would fit me if i wore the yellow boondox feather

    • I think every style and colour is good except the blonde colour, that’s my opinion xD

      • k…im gonna pick white spiky hair lol. i tell u when i get it 😉

  25. lol mayu looks like a boy… 😆

    • haha good eye, indeed Mayu is wearing one boyish hairstyle xD

      • is the one mayus wearing the green cover eye??? or did mayu pose for them all???

  26. mayu ohne brille sieht total seltsam aus o.o bin ich nicht gewohnt und mit brille siehts auch süßer aus 😉

    • Danke schön, yuna 😳

  27. The one spike hair style has more than one spike. in fact, it has 9 spikes. including front & back.

  28. uhh, mayu, you forgot the trendy type for boys, you know, with one group of spikes on the front and 3 short spikes on the back?

    • oops never mind. xd

  29. Ohhhh welche Frisur mögen sie am liebsten Mayu?
    Ich mag kurz, gelockt mit unbekümmert. 🙂
    Was mögen sie gern?
    Bitte antworten sie mir 😆

    • hmmm… ich denke die Frisur die Mayu trägt oder die 2 Pferdeschwänze die Miki hat mag ich am liebsten ^^

  30. need someone to come to my nooks so i can get the upgrade

    • Daniel Oakville 2493-6717-6176
      i’ll add you!

    • We need to know your FC to go to your town ^^. Please post them here and I’ll add you 😉

  31. can girls get boy hairstyles?

    • no, unless you have a male chara :/

      • Actually you can, I got a boy hairstyle last week 😳

        • there are only ones that look like boys 😉

    • Yes, when you changed your hairstyle 16 times at Harriets, she’ll also offer you boy hairstyles 😀

  32. once on ACWW I got a haircut that looked like a pineapple! It was soo funny! XD lol! But I was about 6 at the time…It didnt seem so funny back then….

  33. the “pony stub” is actually a bun XD

    • Haha you’re right! I’ve just found this word from somewhere else XDD

  34. hey, i cant seem to get nookingtons,, how do i??x 😀

  35. i wish i have nookingtons

  36. Hi Mayu. I understand your hairguide very well, but I’d like your opinion on my concern. I want to have a hairstyle that looks… umm, how can I put this…. I want a hair style that looks “Greek.” Which style, in your opinion, do you think I should get (My character is a boy) ?

  37. I’m wondering what does the pixie cut look like?

  38. the persons comment right there ^ was me it didn’t look good.

  39. I just wanted all of y’all to know that some people say that the first girl hairstyle is the starting hairstyle (the one you get when you step out of the cab), but, I got the three pigtails when I stepped out of the cab. I really like my three pig tails and I never want any other hairstyle!! 🙂

  40. Stimmt es dass man, wenn man ganz oft seine Frisur wechsel, man als Mädchen Jungenfrisuren haben kann und andersrum? Bitte eine Antwort, danke 😀

  41. hay
    cheap Fifa coins for you! Please look at my username! 😛

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