Posted by: Mayu | June 7, 2008

Did you know… (part 6: Resetti)

…that you can’t fool Resetti? xD

We all know Resetti, the annoying mole:

“Yes, umm, hello. I’ll introduce myself. Resetti. For you Signor Resetti.”
He seems to be Italian 🙂

My thoughts were now… well, what will he do, when I cover the ground with selfdesigned panels, will Resetti be able to come through it? I hope not…

This looks good – so another test, hehehe

“What? What are you thinking about? Do you really think I wouldn’t notice it?”
*sigh*, ok panels won’t work… As you can see from my second pic, at this place was a panel, too, so Resetti is able to break through. What a pity!



  1. He cant fool you

    Wonder what would happen if you put those panels all around the house?

  2. See that hole next to the red mailbox well he probably got through that well cover it and see he cant get out from there if you cover it.

  3. That spot was already covered with my “gate”-design as you can see on my first pic. He got through this panel 😉

  4. i hate it when you say something “wrong” and then he drones on and on and on and etc and u have to repeat it.

  5. I know! :/ Annoying much?

    • No, he isn’t really annoying, because I usually don’t have them, I always save and during Wifi mode he won’t pop up, when connection broke, so I don’t really have problems with him.
      To the contrary I really laughed loud a lot when I saw him the first time! What a cool idea I thought xD 😆

      • It only annoys me when my game crashes!
        :@ Then I get really mad!

        • Me too!

      • Anyone else found out about being trapped outside until you talk to resetti? You can’t enter your house unless it’s over… D:

  6. Tee hee! The first time I saw Resetti I was like….WHAT?! Because the power accidentally turned off when my battery was running low. 😆

  7. ok

  8. What if you dont save, and wait outside your house after your chara loads, and press start and save? Will he come then?

  9. You can’t save if Resetti wants to come. You can’t even get into your house!

  10. Oh I’ve heard about that too that you have to press start and select at once to avoid Resetti, but I only tried it once and it didn’t work… How about the others? Or is it just a trick together with Action Replay?

  11. mayu have u got any secrets for me to try out for you because id love to help 🙂

    • Ohh yes perhaps you can help me liv ^^. What I always wanted to know is when you put a record from K.K. into a letter and send it to a neighbour who has got a recorder before, would the neighbour change this record or not? (you have to check before what the neighbour is playing normally and then check after you’ve send him the letter if it has changed into that one you gave him)….
      Ummmm I know bad explanation, but I hope you understood this somehow? xD

      • I tried it once ,but it didn´t work 😛

  12. i cant wait till sunday i should be getting wifi xP

  13. ye sure i will get back to you once i no it works

    • ty liv 😀

  14. sos that was me^

  15. What happened liv?

  16. umm. sorry its bit of a late reply as i forgot 2 go on acww secrets
    but i doesnt work 😦
    liv xxx

    p.s sorry its late

    • oh i haven´t seen your comment

  17. Lol, it’s ok. I had forgotten I’d asked^^ Thanks for replying though 😉

  18. Do you think he can break through items? 🙂

    • Lol, I think he would pop up anyway but that would be worth a try 😉

      • Nothing works, you cant stop resetti.

  19. try putting actual objects on the ground! like furniture and shells etc

    • haha ok let’s see what’ll happen ^^

      • DiD it work?

  20. Great idea 💡

    Some one know when Resetti is in The Roost?

  21. What if you hack objects where he appears? Like rocks or trees? LOL

    • Hahaha I don’t know, if somebody could tell me, it would be really interesting 😆

  22. When are Resetti in The Roost?

  23. Thank you, Mayu 🙂

  24. Your a help every time 😀

  25. Hey i love this post. plus im sick and hurt lol.
    lol EVERYBODY HATES stupid resetti and when i saw him the first time, i got scared but my father laughed so hard that i tought my game broke and that mole was going to scare me ! i swear i screamed so loud i guess the neighbors heard it. wow! and you laughed when you saw that ugly mole for the first time? wow LOL LOL … well gtg bye




      • Actually, shes still alive but she is in the hospital. thanks for believing me. you must be a good friend. i never tought mayu wouldn’t believe it. i told Nicole that Mayu didn’t believe it and she said: “well you know, it sounds kind of imposible but the fence broke, we live in a 6th floor and we both fell down.”

        she said: ” well andrea, calm down, maybe shes not but shes a very special friend to me and if she doesn’t believe me, well what can i do? i mean if only i had proof…”
        i said: ok what ever.

        Please Mayu, PLEASE 😦

        • Andrea, my intention wasn’t to offense you, you have to believe me. I just had my thoughts, that this accidents sounds so unreal that it couldn’t be. If I’m wrong, I’ll apologize and wish Nicole and her sister all the best to get well very soon.

  26. I wonder what would happen if a sprite (rock, tree, neighbor, lyle, ect) was over where resetti would come. If he would just come out the other side, then what about placing 2 sprites with AR or a game modifier (for trees/rock to be there you’d need AR).

    • Hmm, that’s a good question, I also want to know this ^^

    • if you turn to the right, he pops up on the left. if you turn left, he pops up to the right. thats the only possibility that he will change directions! 😀

  27. Can he get through…ITEMS? xD

    • I suppose, the items will just vanish for a short while, but I also don’t want to check it again! Stupid Resetti is soooo annoying lately with the Wifi crashes!! 👿

      • Yes, he sure has been annoying! And a few days ago I had a long, late night party with some English friends over WiFi, and Resetti also seemed to be pulling an all-nighter :mrgreen:

        • 😆 stupid Resetti! xP

  28. How do you use panels? or get them? It’s really cool lookin”!

    • Yes, these are just patterns who are layed down on the ground. Try it out, you just need to go to the “pencil” folder and drag and drop one pattern to the ground symbol. ^^

  29. You can create them at the Able Sister’s shop, Madi.

  30. I have ar so i can try and block him with rocks and trees or maybe a house if that doesnt work LOL
    awww everyone hates him 😛

    • Haha once you do that please tell me what happened xD

      • I’m sure he just appears inside the sprite because his coding says that if you reset, then he will appear outside your house. And since sprites can’t access that area, the coding would render the sprite as nothing but texture until he goes back in his hole. The game wasn’t designed to stop resetti if obstructed. The only possible way of getting rid of him is to change the coding to stop activating the code when a game is reseted.

        -Techno Rave

  31. When I firrst got my game, i was toying with the ar. when the game froze (i saved) i thought. oops. well, no big deal.
    Then when i turned it back on, and took my first step- WHABAAANG! A mole in a helmet popped up out of the DRY cement. ‘Is he like, invincible or something???’ I said to myself…
    He started introducing himself and explained why he was here in SINNOH in the first place. He then gave me a warning about quitting without saving and then he kinda freaked me out with a lecture.
    It was still about 5 minutes later and he was STILL talking. When he finally lost his breath, he said the weirdest thing: Don’t burp after eating, you little pig… (I felt violated at the time). I figured: What the pumpkin pie!? Is he like, stalking?!! Is he watching my ever move whenever I play Animal Crossing!?!?!? Then I felt really nervous and was REALLY careful whenever I played the game. I never even took my eyes off of my Ds when I was EATING! But later I realized he only comes out when you turned off when you don’t saved. So THAT was a relief!

    • LOOL that’s a great story! xDD
      You should write some fan fics or some other nice stories, I think you’re an excellent writer! 😀

    • The funniest town name i’ve seen is Jamaca

  32. Hey everybody!
    Sorry i<m changing the subject but yesterday, I was gonna play ACWW and ALL THE TOWN WAS SURROUNDED BY ROCKS EVERYWHERE!!! I couldn<t even go to tom nook<s, couldn<t go to other houses, I was trapped around my own house. P.S: I have a ds card that you can put tons of games in it (R4) and you can control the game (have 9 999 999 bells, have any object you want, all the stuff in the museum, etc) and I wonder if the game is not normal anymore because of this card. Please help me if you know the answer of my problem. If I don<t have an answer after 2-3 months, I will destroy the game in the card (erase ACWW from the card to lose everything) and ill start from the beginning of the game and I started last year so it<s not funny. I won<t use cheat codes and control the game anymore!
    Thank you very much
    From: Animal crossing lover LOL

    • Hi Judy, thanks for visiting my blog! 😀
      First I have to ask if you have played with a friend over Wifi or DS to DS before that happened. Because it sounds like a massive seeding, where another player is leaving (in your case rocks) cheated bad items on the ground (like buildings, rocks, etc.) which will destroy your town! And as long you don’t enter a house or you don’t save, you won’t see any of these seeds!
      Or did you use a weird cheat code with an Action Replay (or maybe R4 is also allowing cheats?)? Instead of like ‘weed-to-bell’ cheat a mean cheater gave the codes for ‘weed-to-rock’ or something like that.
      Well, both possibilities have the same result, your town is messed up now! 😦 And it won’t go away until you restart your town or until you know a friend with Action Replay who can deseed it!
      I feel sorry for you and your town 😦

  33. Omg, THATS THE WORST SEEDING IVE EVER HEARD OF! i hope you get it fixed, and maybe you accidently turned on a weed to seed code like Mayu said. I heard R4 does codes.

    Mayu i tt’d to december 1 2010 and went into nookingtons and he was playing different music! it was kinda like town gate music. i checked all other shops/town buildings and neighbors, thet were ok, and i talked to nook, nook nephews and harriet and they were ok, also it was not a sale/holiday/spotlight product day! why was the music weird?

    • Oh when you go to Nook’s shop when it’s about to close (so from 10.50PM ~ 11PM) he’ll have this slow town gates music running in his shop ^^. It’s not because it was a special day, you’ll hear it every day 😉

  34. oh okay, thanks. I thought that the cheated flowers i had in my town were causing this.. lol.

  35. I KNOW THE ANSWER!!!!ONLY LYLE CAN STOP HIM THATS ALL I GOT FOR NOW!!trees and rocks and items dont work

  36. The first time I got resetti was when I was showing my cousin ACWW and I turned it off without thinking, when he popped up I couldnt even see him because I was outside lol

  37. Place an item there, that works


  39. hi he’s real annoying oh I HATE HATE HATE HATE well you get the point he used to scare me when I was little LOL

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