Posted by: Mayu | May 26, 2008

Did you know… (part 2: pitfall)

… that you can avoid having every day a pitfall?

You hate it when you suddenly fell into a pitfall?

Here’s a hint how you can get rid of them:
First, find a pitfall (dig them out or look at Booker’s lost and found category)

Then look for a place, where you never can fall there accidently into it and bury this pitfall there.

A good place might be a upper corner of your town.

That’s all, from now on you’re free from other pitfalls!
Remember the place and look from time to time to it as visitors might have fallen into it or dug it out.



  1. i remember a while ago i got sucked in by a pitfall and i was trying to find the scorpion that was hiding from me. i wonder what woulda happened if it bit me inside the pitfall! 😯 im gonna try that out sometime

    • Doesn’t attack it just sits there. DANG.

  2. Thanks good advice

  3. Josie. Did you ever find out?

  4. a whille ago Pudge fell in one and said ahh help me my bum fits just write in this hole lol

  5. LOL! When I first played ACWW I’d go round pushing villagers into pitfalls that I’d planted! *Is pleased with self*

  6. i did that once but when i talked to them after they where all normal

  7. Once I got so pissed off with Lyle hanging around, I got some pitfall seeds off Booker to bury and shove Lyle into. The first one I buried, I fell into myself >_<
    The second one was perfect and I pushed him right onto it… and he was IMMUNE to it T__T You guys probably already knew that, huh?

    • Hahaha nice! I also tried that with Katie, but it was the same, she doesn’t fell into the pitfall, what a pity 😛

      • Oh if only we COULD push special animals into pitfalls!
        And only if Gracie were pushable! 😈

    • I was ticked off and I “yelled” at him. My bro said,”Push in a pitfall dummy!” So I tried, EPIC FAILIURE. I fell in instead…:(

  8. I love pitfalls

    I have both push Peewe and Curly in pit.
    and now its Stiches turn 😈

    • Hahaha, your poor neighbours 😆

  9. there are like one million pitfall seeds just scttered in my path………………………grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    • lol awww poor you xP

  10. hehe i9ch hole mir die fallen immer vom fundbüro und vergrabe sie vor den füßen der vorbeilaufenden tiere : D

    • Das mache ich auch ab und zu gerne 😆

      • Ich tu sie in Briefe und dann bekomm ich Geschenke zurück 😛

        • also in briefe an meine Nachbarn 😀

  11. one of my friends came in my town, causing mischief. i made a sign mat saying free bells on the top corner of my town. he followed. what was there were 99,000 bells, a tree, a pitfall buried infront of the oneway path to mula,a hole, and soon as he fell in, i took back the bells. it was the last time he’ll ever mess with me again! XD XD XD XD XD

    • hahaha xD

  12. haha! i love pushing neigbors into the pitfall hole thingies! ive made 3 people that i dont like into them and left them, i dug holes right round em, and kept hittin em whit mi net and shovel, forced em to leave!!! trust me, do it for about 10 mins and they will pack up and leave! did this with puddles, i mean sorry, pink frogss scaree mee! lmaoo!

    • Me too! but the guy i pwned was a player. but you’re rite! its REALLY FUN

    • I also once tried that, but I felt bad and couldn’t do that anymore xPP

      • i guess that would be more fun if you’d run into one as a coincedence. btw have some one ever done that to you? you know, pushed you into a pitfall

        • Yes, of course others did that too to me XD. I can remember one friend who dug a lot of pitfalls in my town and then he hit me with the net so I chased him. And he was luring me to all the pitfall 😆

          • XD! i would’ve laugh, too. I always love making pranks/ getting into one that doesn’t involve getting in trouble! 😀 but be wiser than the pitfall maker, is what i always say! 😉 😆

  13. I tricked my freind into finding a speicial item under ground but it was a pitfall he and she stepped and was so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. 1 time I used my AR and buryed a pitfall seed then I droped a tree seed
    andit pushed me to the pitfall and I was standing on it then I exited my pockets then I fell in it.

    • Haha, that situation sounds very funny xD.

  15. Im shore that ill never fall in a pitfall ever again beacuse mine is protected by rocks!;]

  16. I hit another player with my axe and it SHATTERED! 😯

    • I’d be so freaking creeped out…O.O(and then I would laugh my head off)XD

  17. Hahaha xD i pushed my friend Pangy into a pitfall, THEN she axed me 1 shook a tree with bees in (i was stood right next to it) ran away and let the bees get me. unfortunatly i couldent cath the bee sigh.

  18. One time, I pushed Eloise in one, then I kept hitting her with my net!

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