Posted by: Mayu | April 14, 2008

End of Flower festival

Ok, today’s last day of flower festival. Yesterday and this sunday I planted a few more hybrids around my house and I’m prepared for the result.

“At the end of the festival, the winner will be announced on the town’s board”
Ok, I understood. I’ll look tomorrow for it.

My neighbours weren’t very selfconfident about their victory…

“Lucky that I’m prettier than a flower. Damn! Otherwise I’ll be jealous about it”

Look the poor eyes of Nibbles, lol:

” I don’t even have a thumb. But I really wanted to win the flower trophy…”
Ohhhhh… 😦

Mondy, April 14th
Ok, today we know better! Who will be the “green thumb” of this year?
Uh-oh, it’s raining… not a good sign for me…

Nooooo! Drift has won the flower festival!! 👿

“Drift has clearly won the flower festival! Hooray!This is no mean feat!”

I really don’t understand the judgement of Tortimer… but please have a look:

My left side of flower garden (yes, I’m disappointed)

Right side, ok – there are some wilted flowers there… was that my mistake?

Now we’re at Drift’s house:

Normal flowers!! One wilted flower! The other neighbours had better flowers than him (more hybrids)!
Well… ok, this year I’ve lost the flower festival. But I still got my flower trophy from last year, and that’s enough, lol! 😀
I hope you had better results?? ^-^



  1. How long have you been playing AC:WW?

  2. Ummm it’s now 1 and a half years ago. ^^

  3. really mayu! ive been playing since 2006 so thats 3 and a half years but i diddnt play for about half a year once so thats 3 years woow!go me! but i havent had wifi that long 😦 my brother bought it for a differend ds game he has and i started using it for acww but diddnt know how to connect or he set it up for me thanks lach:D and then i needed to find fc and ppl that play acww so i seached the internet and found acc which is pretty good then i found your website 😀 and i love it but im not allowed to make a wordpress blog:( so i just go on yours most days to see whats happening and chat to ppl and visit you! yay!

    • Woow 3 years of ACWW. That’s pretty cool! 8)
      That’s nice of your brother that he helped you connecting to Wifi. And thanks for all your visits, I really appreciate it a lot, and I was happy yesterday that we finally could meet up again 😀

  4. Hey Mayu! 😀 i know how to get a flower trophy but is a bit cheating and mean lol i havent done the flover fest in my life but i read thart u can put patterns around neighbours houses and then they cant put flowers on it so yeah lol 😛 😀 ill do this thing:D

    • Yes some also do it by stealing all flowers from them and put it around their own house LOL

  5. I just finished the Flower fest in my game 🙂
    Yes, I tt. But only so I can get hybrids.
    Forgot to tell you that i restarted again 😦
    I’ll post my info later on today. I haven’t even gotten a FC yet 😆

    • Nice to hear of you again kyle ^^. So you tt with ACWW or ACCF? Hope to see you soon again in ACWW 🙂

      • In both 😆 but I’ve been doing it longer in CF, so I’m already in august 😀

  6. i got animal crossing for christmas, and i luv luv LUV IT!! it’s my first ever flower fest today, and i really want to win. on another site, it said the fancy flowers like blue and purple and stuff don’t count, you just need to plant them all round ur house.
    thanks for the pics on the flower fest! they helped.

    • Hello mikafone, thanks for commenting on my blog, I really appreciate it 😀
      Haha, so you’re addicted to Animal Crossing as well xD, I play it for more then 2 and a half years now, crazy! xD

  7. […] place won again this year!! That’s Samsons house. Last year (you can also look at this post: HERE) Caspar won flower fest with the same house spot and flowers, so I think Tortimer really likes […]

  8. i won and i had aboy 3 flowers round my house andone had golden stuff

  9. hey mayu

  10. btw coool blog lol i got ac yestday and got loads of bells lol preety cool =D

    • Hi sunrise, thanks for visiting my blog ^^ How did you get loads of bells at your first day? 🙂

  11. Hey, whats a flower fest all about, i have one on monday and i dont know what to do haha!??
    please reply! xxx

    • You just have to plant a lot of flowers around your house, the more, the merrier!
      When you want to win for sure (I’ve lost the last years to my neighbours, who only planted random normal flowers and I had a lot of hybrids everywhere, sheesh), just pick all the flowers away around the neighbour houses and put patterns there 😛 (haha, I know it’s mean, but it works 100% xDD)
      In the end of the week, you’ll either get the flower trophy in one of your letters… or not!
      Fingers crossed to you 😉

  12. did the pig really said d*mn.

    • Yep, I think someone gave her that catchphrase! xP

      • *laughter* ><
        O hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahhahahahahhahahahh

        • 😯

  13. i was playing since 2008

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